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JavaEarth Minecraft Server Icon
JavaEarth Minecraft Server Banner

Welcome to JavaEarth! JavaEarth is a 1:2000 scale of Earth in minecraft 1.12.2, and is a Factions/SMP server. The server uses a variety of plugins, and the Dynmap is available at . To join the server's discord, use the invit

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Java Survival Server Minecraft Server Icon
Java Survival Server
Java Survival Server

Java Survival is a multiplayer server dedicated to providing a legit, vanilla Minecraft experience! We've only got a handful of plugins installed purely for moderation purposes. Every block you see has been mined and placed by hand. Staff don't telep

Players: 16 / 30
Version: Paper 1.15.2
Planet Zuncraft Minecraft Server Icon
Planet Zuncraft
Planet Zuncraft

Zunwolf's Planet Earth takes Minecraft SMP to a whole other level! With fun mob hunting, custom achievements, custom breweries, Level up with kills and achievements! Discover new lands! Create your own area, or even join friends and create a nation!

Players: 2 / 50
Version: Paper 1.15.2
Cyclopean Minecraft Server Icon
Cyclopean Minecraft Server Banner

A vanilla minecraft survival experience with little staff interference. Chat is not moderated. Age 18+ suggested. There is no grief protection and no map resets are planned. This server was started as a social experiment on February 5th 2020 to see

Players: 2 / 30
Version: Paper 1.15.2
Minecraft Grass Icon

SMP v1.12.2 Small server with good fun people

Players: 2 / 25
Version: Spigot 1.12.2