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SpookySurvival Minecraft Server Icon

SpookySurvival is a brand new Semi Vanilla survival server! Our server features a variety of fun things to do and to achieve. We got Quests, Fun Pets, and Awesome Partical Effects. This server offers raiding and pvping aswell. We have a great staff t

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Minecraft Grass Icon

We created a haven for Minecrafters, in motivation of having our own getaway in Minecraft. We created this server for anyone and everyone to find a place of which they feel most at home. We have also implemented various features on the server such as

Minecraft Grass Icon
Simply Factions

Simply Factions is just what it sounds like. A simple, honest, well rounded factions server. 100% Eula compliant. Never pay to win. Simply Factions has NO: -No kits -No donator perks -No pay to win Simply Factions does have: -Basic, player

Era Semi-Vanilla Minecraft Server Icon
Era Semi-Vanilla

A whole new world for you to explore, new people to meet, and ranks to work towards! The server also features Anti-Grief plugins, a random teleport feature, and various quality of life commands to make your experience on the server as fun as it

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
ANIMEFAGZ Minecraft Server Icon

No Rules | No Bans | No World Reset | No Ops | Ely | 100k Max world size | Nether Update | Paper 1.16.1 IP: mc.animefagz.com

Players: 0 / 60
Version: 1.16.5
VenusMC Minecraft Server Icon

new OP Factions server with unique mechanics

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Hyrath SMP Minecraft Server Icon
Hyrath SMP

Hyrath is a semi-vanilla survival server! We offer many things in our server, such as Quests, Jobs, Player Shops, PVP Arenas, and much more! Our server is open for everyone and anyone. We will be taking player suggestions and ideas so be sure to leav

Minecraft Grass Icon
Magical Legacy Servers

Thank you to taking a look at my server. my name is DJHoss i have created this server to a people looking for a friendly community! This is a semi_vanilla server and plan of expanding from there! As of right now i will be looking to staff head on ov

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline