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Logo Name Server Details
Minecraft Lucid Access (MCLA) Minecraft Server Icon
Minecraft Lucid Access (MCLA)

Minecraft Lucid Access a.k.a MCLA brings the most out of Minecraft with it's enhanced Survival RPG & Skyblock experience. If you are looking for a long lasting end-game experience. You've found it! Features: – Dungeon – Custom Items – Skills –

Players: 38 / 300
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
TechGE3Ks Minecraft Server Icon

Welcome to the TechGE3Ks Originally created in 2012, we released a prison server that was covered by some very notable YouTubers. Such as ssundee, TheCampingRusher, BrenyBeast, and many more. The network was controlled by the TechGE3Ks until 2014.

Players: 16 / 2000
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.
PVPMines Minecraft Server Icon

PVPMines has tons of experiences to have... MINECRAFT PRISONS - $800 PAYOUT Come and join our Minecraft Prison Realm! Play with fellow prisoners and grind your way up to be the best. Starting from a simple pickaxe, YOU can be the richest on

Players: 55 / 1050
Version: FlameCord 1.7.x-1.16.x
AscoraPvP Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 22 / 5000
Version: Ascora 1.7.x-1.16.x
Rolley Network Minecraft Server Icon
Rolley Network

• Skyblock 1.16.5    Islands Upgrades (+ Nether Island)    Stackable Spawners, Blocks and Mobs    Spawner Mobs have No AI    Mobs Custom Drops    Craftable Custom Generators    Craftable Upgradable OP items    Player-driven Economy    PvP Ar

Players: 6 / 100
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
Minecraft Grass Icon

Hey guys! Join NukemMines for fun game modes such as: Factions, Prisons, and soon to be Skyblock! We're in need of players to play and have fun on our server :D. We have custom enchants for both factions and prisons. Prisons has drugs and ore trees

Players: 1 / 110
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
RedditMC Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 17 / 50000
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.
Avolore Minecraft Server Icon

Avolore is a really calm and nice community of OG minecraft players that you will love to meet and know, we got for now Prison and FFA, we will be adding more by time!

Players: 0 / 420
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
Fiora Central Minecraft Server Icon
Fiora Central

FIORA CENTRAL | SKYBLOCK | 1.8 PVP | BETA Server is in progress, but you can play Skyblock NOW! play.fioracentral.com

Players: 0 / 200
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.16.x
Conquer Network Minecraft Server Icon
Conquer Network

Prison and Factions, combined!

Players: 0 / 100
Version: Spigot 1.16.4