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Logo Name Server Details
Moon Lifesteal Minecraft Server Icon
Moon Lifesteal

Try out the new Moon Lifesteal server!. Build your home, tteam, raid, and conquer the server with custom enchants and cool cosmetics/pets! Watch out for the enderdragon and natural disasters! The server is a revamp of the old Moon server. It has been

Players: 0 / 200
Version: Paper 1.20.4
Max Prison Minecraft Server Icon
Max Prison
Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
WOWPVP Minecraft Server Icon

WOWPVP features a unique style of PVP that includes custom weapons, items, and armor sets. The top tier items require a lot of skill to earn which adds a role playing element to the server. All of these things add a very fun tier system and you have

Minecraft Grass Icon
Prototypz Survival Server

Welcome To Prototypz Survival Server. If you love survival Minecraft but you want a little twist onto it, you found the right server, here you can find custom enchantments (300+), level based mobs, economy, claims, ranks (obtained with in game money)

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Minecraft Grass Icon
Evil Kingdom

EXCLUSIVE CUSTOM FEATURES $500+ Weekly payouts! 220+ Custom Enchants Infinite enchants and prestiges Player gangs (Gang top rewards!) Custom Pets, Robots, Bosses etc. BattlePass with 50+ Tiers Frequent events: Giveaways, KoTH, Drop Parties, En

UnixNetwork Minecraft Server Icon

UnixNetwork A 1.16 Cracked Server owned by 3njoyTee(Infinity)

A bungeecord Survival Server with marriage, custom enchants, crates and many more! Feel free to join our discord for events and giveaways and ticket support! I’ll see you there!

TropicalMc Minecraft Server Icon

Be sure to join our discord server to be updated: Discord: https://discord.gg/jWVZNrfRae Owner: Ash TropicalMc is a 1.16 Server with many fun gamemodes such as Survival and Skyblock

Minecraft Grass Icon

About the server: MixelMC is a long lasting name that has been multiple servers throughout the past few years. It started roughly 2017 and has been on and off since then. MixelMC is now a Survival server that offers: Crates, Jobs, Quest, mcMMO, Event

Oneblock Nation Minecraft Server Icon
Oneblock Nation

We are a 1.19.3 oneblock server. Providing users with quest, generators, skills and so much more! Join now for a 7 day trial of our MVP RANK. /freerank CONNECTING TO OB-NATION: Please note, OB-Nation is currently only __1.19.2__. Supporting cl