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Logo Name Server Details
Haven SMP Minecraft Server Icon
Haven SMP

Feel free to visit our Discord server for more details: https://discord.com/channels/1246407822694940792/1246478545354620929/1253717591189622826

Players: 2 / 100
Version: Paper 1.20.4
Cherry Blossom SMP 1.17 - 1.18 Minecraft Server Icon
Cherry Blossom SMP 1.17 - 1.18

Server Shop | Sell items to make money! Player Shops | Rank up to buy your own shop stands and buy a market! Money from Mobs | Earn money by killing mobs! Player Economy | Server shop is limited so buy/sell from other players! Unique Items | Obta

Players: 3 / 150
Version: Paper 1.17.1
SD Craft Minecraft Server Icon
SD Craft

Welcome to Super Diamond Craft! We are excited to announce the release of our first server "Survival" with many different things to do such as: Daily Quests. mcMMO, Ranks, Crates, and more. We ensure that you have a great experience as our goal is to

Players: 0 / 1
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.20.x
MCTantrum Minecraft Server Icon

We're a NO P2W Slimefun server focusing on becoming OP thru crafting & climbing ranks. We have a massive ranking chain with 32 ranks & 15 Slimefun addons. There’s lots of custom items including charms, armor, weapons, and tools. ‹Events› ‹Economy›

Players: 5 / 100
Version: Paper 1.20.1
Pixel Play Minecraft Server Icon
Pixel Play

¡Servidor de Minecraft con modalidad Mysthic Survival (Custom), con muchas opciones para tu diversión! Contamos con: • Sistema de Niveles       • Economía con Dinero y Coins • Misiones Diarias        • Sistema de Habilidades • Cajas Misteriosas

Players: 0 / 200
Version: YourServer 1.12.2-1.20.4
MidasCraft Minecraft Server Icon

Welcome to MidasCraft, the ultimate Minecraft server experience! Our server is a good community filled with friendly players who are always ready to help you out and make your gaming experience enjoyable. With the addition of minions and quests, ther

LogicSurvival Minecraft Server Icon

Come join us at and play Survival with crates, claims, an auction house, jobs, and more! This server is family-friendly, and trolling, scamming, hacks, cheats, swearing, and spam are prohibited.

Players: 0 / 1
Version: Paper 1.20.4
MihaylovCraft Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 0 / 100
Version: 1.20.1
Suralt Minecraft Server Icon

IP: mc.suralt.com - Custom crates, legendary crates, vote crates, lucky crates - We also have rankup crates - There is a guishop - We also have a auctionhouse - There is a discord server. - There is a antigrief plugin, you can claim land. - we

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
WereRift Survival Minecraft Server Icon
WereRift Survival

A fun simple survival server featuring a bunch of plugins giving you a customized experience and a friendly environment!