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Minecraft Grass Icon

Cube-Nation bietet dir mit seinem gut durchdachten Konzept ein Minecraft-Spielerlebnis, das du bald nicht mehr vermissen möchtest. Gemeinsam mit den Spielern haben wir seit 2011 einen der freundlichsten Minecraft-Server im deutschsprachigen Raum entw

Players: 0 / 50
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.
DIRK.US Minecraft Server Icon

Are you looking for a server that lets you create and claim land for your town without real-life costs? We have got you covered! Our server is specifically designed to cater to your needs and interests. Join us now and experience the joy of building

Players: 2 / 2021
Version: Paper 1.20.4
Water Delivery MC Minecraft Server Icon
Water Delivery MC

Welcome to Water Delivery, the ultimate hybrid survival-RPG server where adventure, strategy, and creativity blend seamlessly. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a new explorer, Water Delivery offers an unparalleled gaming experience that caters

Players: 3 / 50
Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.21
Cherry Blossom SMP 1.17 - 1.18 Minecraft Server Icon
Cherry Blossom SMP 1.17 - 1.18

Server Shop | Sell items to make money! Player Shops | Rank up to buy your own shop stands and buy a market! Money from Mobs | Earn money by killing mobs! Player Economy | Server shop is limited so buy/sell from other players! Unique Items | Obta

Players: 2 / 150
Version: Paper 1.17.1
SurvivalMP Minecraft Server Icon

Welcome to SurvivalMP! Survival raiding and griefing with no claims! One world with handy plugins like /home and more

Players: 16 / 400
Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.21
KrinityMC Minecraft Server Icon

BEDROCK : IP - krinitymcs.mc-world.net PORT- 27265

Players: 1 / 100
Version: Paper 1.20.1
Creeper's Lab Minecraft Server Icon
Creeper's Lab

We're a Minecraft network and community that has been around for over eight years now, with no main world reset: we're in this for the long term! We're always looking for friendly new faces to join us. Our staff is active to help newcomers get starte

Players: 4 / 50
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.21.x
🌞 BEE.CLUBCRAFT.NET🦸 (Latest Version) Minecraft Server Icon
🌞 BEE.CLUBCRAFT.NET🦸 (Latest Version)

ClubCraft is a classic Minecraft network. You can join with a registered or a cracked Minecraft account on play.clubcraft.net. Hope to see you soon! The server currently includes: - Survival - SkyPVP - BedWars - KitPVP - Lifesteal - and m

Players: 610 / 5000
Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.21
Alone Mc Minecraft Server Icon
Alone Mc

Apoliak, sometimes known as Sagar, owns the prestigious Minecraft server **Alone Mc**, running since 2023. Emphasizing the Lifesteal gamemode, it offers a compelling and intense experience. Alone Mc supports all Minecraft versions, ensuring accessibi

Players: 0 / 100
Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.21
Prismarine Minecraft Server Icon

Welcome to Prismarine We pride ourselves on being a vibrant and welcoming community that shares a passion for everything Minecraft! At Prismarine, we offer an array of exciting custom features that will enhance your gameplay experience. From u

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline