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Logo Name Server Details
CryptechCraft Minecraft Server Icon

Multi-Server network with multiple game types and real cryptocurrency as in game currency. Guns and other custom plugins as well. Joining is also possible for Bedrock edition clients via cryptechcraft.xyz port 19132

Players: 6 / 5000
Version: Waterfall 1.15.2-1.18.2
ObiCraft Survival  Minecraft Server Icon
ObiCraft Survival

ObiCraft is a CUSTOM SMP that strives to put its best foot forward and provide a fun and enjoyable experience to all of its players. ObiCraft strives to not only do this but to also provide an active and responsive staff team. We love to accept commu

Players: 1 / 2022
Version: Obicraft 1.18.1
OMG SMP Minecraft Server Icon
Metrocraft Community Minecraft Server Icon
Metrocraft Community

Metrocraft is a Minecraft server that offers a complete hardcode experience with the best grindable plugins ever. We have all new plugins and, most importantly, slimefun 4 with all the plugins that work and all are up to date. If you are looking for

Players: 0 / 80
Version: Paper 1.18.2
Kyrcraft Minecraft Server Icon

Minecraft Towny server, with some extra adds and always up to date. Some of our plugins are: ❄ Towny ❄ Rankup ❄ Tags ❄ Events ❄ mcMMO ❄ Slimefun ❄ MythicDrops ❄ Custom Items ❄ Shops and Market zones ❄ Auction house ❄ Jobs ❄ Marriages

Players: 0 / 50
Version: Paper 1.18.2
Minecraft Grass Icon
Withered Survival

Come join us on Withered Survival, a fun survival server with a little twist! [Plugins:] Auction House and Player Shops Golden Crates Marriage Master Custom Enchants

Players: 2 / 420
Version: Paper 1.18.1
HollowMC Minecraft Server Icon

HollowMC play.hollowmc.net HollowMC is a new unique survival experience What we offer : A new way to play survival with friends community shops land claims mcmmo earnable fly ranks Player mall events tags achievements and so much

Iruvatar Network Minecraft Server Icon
Iruvatar Network

Somos una network de Java Edition (versiones 1.18.1) y jugaras sin lag. Nuestras modalidades son: - Survival (PvP / PvE) con RPG - ArcdeGAMES - Anarquía - TNTGAMES - Arcade GAMES (mantenimiento)

Players: 0 / 40
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.
cCraft [Survival 1.18] [Amplified 1.12] Minecraft Server Icon
cCraft [Survival 1.18] [Amplified 1.12]

[Survival 1.18.x] - neu eröffnet am 11.01.2020 [Amplified 1.12.x] - unser ältester Survival-Server [Creative 1.12.x] - kreativ mit Plots bauen [Minigames] - hier finden einige eigenentwickelte Minigames statt, derzeit primär Parkour-Maps [Vanilla

Players: 4 / 100
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.18.x
UltraCraft Bangladesh Minecraft Server Icon
UltraCraft Bangladesh

Started back in October 2019, Ultracraft was founded by four of Minecraft Enthusiasts who are eager enough to start their own community of players. Main goal of UltraCraft till now is to provide lag free, toxicity free community to the players of Ban

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline