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šŸ’œAtlasRaids - šŸ’„StellarSpigotšŸ’„ Minecraft Server Icon
šŸ’œAtlasRaids - šŸ’„StellarSpigotšŸ’„
šŸ’œAtlasRaids - šŸ’„StellarSpigotšŸ’„ Minecraft Server Banner

AtlasRaids is a vanilla factions server designed to provide the best player experience by offering an extensive array of features, custom plugins, factions modifications as well as optimizations to ensure high quality gameplay. AtlasRaids is Play2

Players: 8 / 100
Version: StellarSpigot 1.8.8
1.15 Vanilla Survival (P&B) Minecraft Server Icon
1.15 Vanilla Survival (P&B)
1.15 Vanilla Survival (P&B)
Players: 2 / 100
Version: Paper 1.15.2
Global PvP Minecraft Server Icon
Global PvP
Global PvP Minecraft Server Banner

GlobalPvP has quests which you are able to undertake to earn XP and in game money, along with an exciting duels feature, where you and your friend can have a quick PvP match during survival, along with a betting system, through money and items! At th