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Finmine Minecraft Server Icon

A small yet friendly server, dedicated to bringing you a good experience! With a small but dedicated staff team, and a refreshing community! Our server includes the following for you: - Grief protection/Anti-cheating plugins - An economy and ma

HyperSkys Network Minecraft Server Icon
HyperSkys Network

An amazing survival server no lag custom plugins everything you could ever want in just one server giveaways monthly of ranks nice forums :) Come play today!

Gangster Survival PvP Minecraft Server Icon
Gangster Survival PvP

✓ ✓✓ 24/7 Enterprise server.. So no interruptions/lag/frozen gameplay Various anticheat systems to guarantee fair play Java: gangster.minecraft.casa Bedrock: gangster.zapto.org:25705

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Purity-MC Minecraft Server Icon

Purity-MC Purity-MC is a semi-vanilla that focuses on simplicity of gameplay. This server is meant for people who want to enjoy the game in a risk-free setting. - Keep inventory is enabled everywhere but the PvP arena - Mob griefing is disabled

Gentoria MC Minecraft Server Icon
Gentoria MC

https://www.planetminecraft.com/server/gentoria-beta/Gentoria is the result of two towny players being constantly starved of that "perfect geopolitical experience." That was the case until now where the ideal towny server has finally been realized. W

T1/S Server Minecraft Server Icon
T1/S Server

A nice cracked brand new survival server for people to play on and just have fun. It will get better overtime so why not join? {Anticheat and ViaVersion are installed} https://discord.gg/72MH7zsKYZ