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Logo Name Server Details
SurvivalMP Minecraft Server Icon

Welcome to SurvivalMP! Survival raiding and griefing with no claims! One world with handy plugins like /home and more

Eden Prison  Minecraft Server Icon
Eden Prison

At Project Eden, we pride ourselves on providing a balanced and non-overpowered prison environment. You'll begin your journey with basic gear and gradually rank up to unlock better equipment. Progression may take time, but don't worry - as you climb

Players: 3 / 150
Version: Paper 1.20.4
Silver Origins Minecraft Server Icon
Silver Origins

Small minecraft SMP for 1.20.4 vanilla and a few small datapacks. Close and active community with moderated discord server, Hermitcraft-esque shops, and server-wide events. Suited for most playstyles other than hacking, of course :).

Players: 2 / 1337
Version: 1.20.4