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Logo Name Server Details
Dragon MC Minecraft Server Icon
Dragon MC

Dragon MC is a small but fun, community driven semi-Vanilla SMP. We have lots of enjoyable plugins and really build the server to be geared towards the player. We have plugins such as vein miner, quests, economy, claiming, and leveling system for dif

Players: 4 / 30
Version: Paper 1.17.1
Minecraft Grass Icon

Join the public 1.17 Survival SMP for both Bedrock and Java players. Feel free to join the server at anytime! Check out the stream for all the info about how to come play on my public Minecraft hardcore survival SMP for both java and bedrock players.

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
MedievalCraft Minecraft Server Icon

Hello, we are a new server, and we are searching for new players Our server offers many things like: Town/nation creation Wars between nations Currency Buycraft Pvp And many more, join today!

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
CedingCraft Minecraft Server Icon

CedingCraft is a small community server, We have plenty of ways to play, a unique economy system, anti grief protection, jobs, challenges and quests, creative flight tokens, custom items and tools, warps and towns. Come along and join our commu

Players: 4 / 200
Version: Paper 1.17.1
SouthSide Craft Minecraft Server Icon
SouthSide Craft

SouthSide Craft is a brand new server created by Iron212212 (Iron). Iron has been a Minecraft player for over 9 years and has built SouthSide Craft, what he believes will be one of the best servers out! Don't miss your chance to be part of this.

Players: 0 / 80
Version: Spigot 1.17.1
WoodCraft Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 14 / 50
Version: Purpur 1.16.5
Ascension Craft Minecraft Server Icon
Ascension Craft

Ascension Craft is a new server for all players from casual players to content creators. Our open world SMP lets you play freely and create towns and shops with your friends. We will be introducing Minigames very soon which will be changed weekly b

Players: 0 / 50
Version: FlameCord 1.7-1.16.5
Minecraft Grass Icon
Crow's nest

This server is still work in-progress. It's supposed to be a towny medival server with 1:1000 earth map. Live map link:

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
ObiCraft Survival  Minecraft Server Icon
ObiCraft Survival

ObiCraft is a CUSTOM SMP that strives to put its best foot forward and provide a fun and enjoyable experience to all of its players. ObiCraft strives to not only do this but to also provide an active and responsive staff team. We love to accept commu

Players: 1 / 200
Version: Obicraft 1.17.1
Spurcia Minecraft Server Icon

Spurcia is a new server designed to feel relaxing. Towny, Mcmmo Dynmap, Jobs, PlayerWarps, Chestshop, and DiscordSRV. QOL features: enchantments, double doors, fast leaf decay, heads, graves, armorstands/paintings

Players: 0 / 50
Version: Paper 1.17.1