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LuxiousNetwork Minecraft Server Icon

We aim to make every gamemode feel like a fresh and unique experience. We currently offer only a prisons realm, we plan on expanding! Join today to forever change your perception on a high quality experience.

Players: 0 / 2023
Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.20.4
StarCraft Minecraft Server Icon

BOXPVP EN ESPAÑOL 1.19.4 PREMIUM & NO-PREMIUM - Kits / Crates / Recompensas Diarias / Minas VIP y Mas

Players: 2 / 3
Version: Paper 1.19.4
PrisonX Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 0 / 50
Version: Paper 1.20.2
Survival MC Minecraft Server Icon
Survival MC

Minecraft version 1.20.1 (Forge) --> Survival Server --> Oriented on adventure, exploration, --> Modded (Modpack: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pbnl1ihlycbjcn7/Modpack.zip/file) Anyone is welcome to join the adventure :) If you have any q

Players: 0 / 100
Version: 1.20.1
Covenant Anarchy Server Minecraft Server Icon
Covenant Anarchy Server

Welcome to Covenant 1.20.4 Survival Anarchy Server Server Address: CovenantMC.com or In this server, there are no gods, no masters, and certainly no rules. The only covenant is your survival instinct.

Players: 0 / 35
Version: Paper 1.20.4
CrimsonVex Network Minecraft Server Icon
CrimsonVex Network

crimsonvex aims to bring a non-p2w experience to the community in a friendly user-friendly network. born out of the ashes, a new great server is born. forged in the fire.

Players: 0 / 200
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.
Pixel Play Minecraft Server Icon
Pixel Play

Servidor de Minecraft RolePlay profesional, que cuenta con muchas características para tu diversión! Entra y podrás disfrutar de Trabajos reales, Ascensos, Comidas personalizadas, Sistema de enfermedades, Sistema de drogas ilícitas, Vehículos, Roles

Players: 0 / 200
Version: Conectate aqui ->
CraftersHQ Minecraft Server Icon

❤️️ CraftersHQ ❤️️ 𝟭.𝟮𝟬.𝟰 | Survival SMP 🌲 | PVP ⚔️| Economy 💹 | Player Shops 🌟 | Spawners 💀 | Land Claims ⚒️

Players: 2 / 50
Version: Paper 1.20.4
NavaHex - Skyblock Minecraft Server Icon
NavaHex - Skyblock
Players: 0 / 20
Version: Paper 1.18.2
VirarithMC: An MMORPG Kingdoms Experience Minecraft Server Icon
VirarithMC: An MMORPG Kingdoms Experience

VirarithMC is an MMORPG Kingdoms PvPvE server. We offer a multitude of things from custom crafting, custom ores, and more. Players are also able to create Kingdoms. Don't like PvP? Don't worry, upon creation players are to pick to be Pacifist or PvP.