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Logo Name Server Details
Legion MC Minecraft Server Icon
Legion MC
Players: 6 / 2000
Version: BungeeCord 1.8.x-1.20.x
FrostyFactions Minecraft Server Icon

Welcome to Frosty Factions! We are a FactionPvP based server that plans on to keep growing in the future with a friendly community and Staff. We run 24/7 and are on a dedicated server with DDoS protection and No-Lag, along with Factions, MCMMO, and o

Players: 0 / 500
Version: XCord 1.7.x, 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.
Dungeons RP Minecraft Server Icon
Dungeons RP

Dungeons RP!!! RPG/SMP Server with custom bosses, dungeons, items, abilities, skills, jobs, quests, crates, factions, world generation, and enchants. We will be hosting monthly events introducing new dungeons and bosses and items. Active discord. Fri

RenegadeMC Factions Minecraft Server Icon
RenegadeMC Factions

Embark on an extraordinary journey! Unleash your power in the ultimate Factions experience. Join our thriving Minecraft community now and conquer the vast universe with friends by your side. Custom plugins, epic quests, and endless excitement await!

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Unidealistic Theory Server Minecraft Server Icon
Unidealistic Theory Server

An ideal minecraft server for cracked players to experience. Our team was formed with a goal to create the best cracked minecraft server!

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Warzone Survival Minecraft Server Icon
Warzone Survival

A survival and PvP-based server with factions integration. Players can claim and protect their land, fight to the death, and raid to steal other players' land and items. Server Features: - PvP fights - Territory battles - Player shops - Casino

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
OGCraft Factions Minecraft Server Icon
OGCraft Factions

Unleash your inner strategist in our thrilling Faction server! Experience immersive gameplay with rank-ups, free ranks, engaging quests, and a multitude of epic features. Join us today and forge your legacy in the world of OGCraft!

HQ Factions Minecraft Server Icon
HQ Factions

HQ Factions is a 1.19.2 simple Semi-Vanilla server that encourages you to create a colony with your friends within the 6500 world border and go to war with other factions to achieve world domination. Currently, HQ is a brand new low player base serve

Players: 0 / 40
Version: Spigot 1.20.1
YellowStone Hardcore Survival!  Minecraft Server Icon
YellowStone Hardcore Survival!

From the North Western part North America! YellowStone Hardcore Survival attempts to give you the most realistic to minecraft western experience! No Rules outside of spawn so Cowboy Up! Get on your horse! Protect your land and fight hard to survive!

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
PvP MC Factions Minecraft Server Icon
PvP MC Factions

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Minecraft faction server with the IP: pvp-mc.com. We have a lot of amazing features and additions to offer, making it one of the most unique Minecraft servers out there! Server IP: pvp-mc.com Ser