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Logo Name Server Details
RoyaltyRealms Minecraft Server Icon

A family-friendly Minecraft server that operates on Minecraft version 1.20.4 We offer a cozy experience with awesome furniture and cosmetic models to play with. We are a LGBTQ+ friendly server!

Players: 0 / 125
Version: RoyaltyRealms 1.20.4
The Mushroom Co. Survival Minecraft Server Icon
The Mushroom Co. Survival

A nice friendly small server. This server is freebuild pure survival, with factions so you can work together with others! We try to cater for any Minecraft playing style, theres a pvp arena for PVP, you can create your own shops. Come join and

VexalMC Minecraft Server Icon

▬▬⟪ ⚜️ Welcome To VexalMC ⚜️ ⟫ ▬▬ What is VexalMC? We are a network that is both bedrock and Java cross play that makes fun servers for people to enjoy! What we offer ✦ Earth ✦ Survival ✦ Creative ✦ The Abyss ✦ KitPvP ✦ RPG ✦ Store ✦

Players: 1 / 1
Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.21
TownySaga Minecraft Server Icon

Welcome to TownySaga, your gateway to an epic Minecraft journey! 🌆 Claim your land, build towns or nations, and shape your destiny in a player-driven economy. Explore the 1.20 world filled with treasures, embark on quests, and conquer challenges. Vi

Players: 1 / 100
Version: Paper 1.20.4
HoneyCraft Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 4 / 80
Version: Paper 1.20.4
Anarchy Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 6 / 100
Version: Paper 1.20
PhantasyMC Minecraft Server Icon

PhantasyMC is a Minecraft server on Java 1.20.4 with a focus on adventure, community, and fantasy fun! Here's what to expect: Anti-grief Claims Cosmetics Crates Custom Enchants Discord Events Economy Fantasy Family Friendly Jobs LGBTQ Pride MCMMO

Players: 0 / 100
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.
BendingMC Minecraft Server Icon

Choose one of the four elements to follow. Earth, Fire, Water, or Air. However, Chi is also an option for the quick, feeble players. Survive and Thrive in the PVP/Towny world. Use bending to your advantage and conquer the most land! Challenge a pla

Players: 0 / 50
Version: Paper 1.20.1
WyrdCraft | Witchery+ Minecraft Server Icon
WyrdCraft | Witchery+

Welcome to WyrdCraft! This is a modded server on version 1.7.10 mainly focused on the Witchery mod with a few other additions. We are a casual community and have very few rules. The server is very new and still needs work to be a final product but

MCTantrum Minecraft Server Icon

We're a NO P2W Slimefun server focusing on becoming OP thru crafting & climbing ranks. We have a massive ranking chain with 32 ranks & 15 Slimefun addons. There’s lots of custom items including charms, armor, weapons, and tools. ‹Events› ‹Economy›

Players: 7 / 100
Version: Paper 1.20.1