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  • Avatar IARTZYI
    March 21 at 1:20am
  • Avatar louiskw
    February 13 at 10:11am

    This is a terrible server, run by inexperienced kids. They run a server for the sole purpose of making money.
    How do they achieve this? By buying out other communities, DOSing them when they can't buy them, and putting little/no work into making the servers anything more than money trees.

    There are many better servers out there. Don't waste your time.

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    • Avatar Grantley
      February 28 at 9:32am

      Let's break out your comment into myths, and facts shall we?

      Myths and Facts:

      M. Firstly, we are "inexperienced *kids* who... make money by buying out other communities."
      F. Besides the obvious fact that your statement makes absolutely no sense, when was the last time you saw an "inexperienced kid" make a capatalistic acquistion? Yes, JAC Gaming has acquired other communities- as many disgruntled ex-community members have often pointed out- you wouldn't happen to be one of those "disgruntled community members would you?" As far as our parent company making acquisitions, this is frequently done by companies of all types, and is made as part of a business decision to expand our brand name, based on the capatilistic principles that money is the by-product of providing good quality service to the end consumer.

      M."Our 'inexperienced kids' put little/no work into making our server anything more than money trees."
      F. The majority of our staff is over 20 years old, and we are not paid, we *volunteer our own time & money* because we enjoy playing on this server. Read Fact #1 about money being the by-product of good quality service.

      M."We DoS other servers."
      F. We have NOT ever attempted a DoS or DDoS of another server, and will NOT ever because:
      1. That is illegal.
      2. That is unethical
      3. We don't need to do that, as we are the #1 Voltz server in the world

      M. louiskw is an actual player who plays on our server, and is posting an actual honest opinion.
      F. louiskw is part of an opposing, albeit un-par community server, which cannot compete with us in quality and quantity of satisfied players and wishes to tarnish our reputation by posting libel and other false remarks.

      Solution: Please go back to your own server, and do not trash another server simply because your server is on a non-competitive platform.



  • Avatar chainsawsquirrel
    October 16, 2013 at 3:52am

    CAN SOMEONE PLZZZZ TELL AN ADMIN TO GO TO MY BASE AND SWITCH MY MACHINES OFF? I can't log back in because they're overloading minecraft, making it crash :(

  • Avatar LaserReign
    April 16, 2013 at 2:09pm

    How come I cant get the rewards when i vote?