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Freakplot Minecraft Server Icon

Fully crossplay compatible minecraft multiplayer SMP server. Anyone can play no matter the console! Join the discord for more information! https://discord.gg/NmXwQVq

ArkeiCraft Minecraft Server Icon

ArkeiCraft is a newly started semi-vanilla server aiming to stay true to the vanilla gameplay experience. No cheated items, no op enchant levels, no teleports. The plugins we use are QoL-oriented, with the main focus being to prevent griefing (whi

Minecraft Grass Icon

The Zhomian Empire has seemingly abandoned their hunter training planet. Contact with the Battle Ship in orbit has been lost. Debris rain down from the sky.

Lijpe SMP Minecraft Server Icon
Lijpe SMP
LegatumCraft Minecraft Server Icon

Step back in time and experience Minecraft the way it was meant to be played. LegatumCraft is a true old-school vanilla server, with no fancy plugins or teleportation commands to guide you. Instead, you'll have to rely on your wits, your courage, and

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