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Fractured Universe Minecraft Server Icon
Fractured Universe

Fractured Universe is a new land-claim based survival server. We plan to feature PVP arenas, and/or an area for PVP/Factions. We are actively working on an economy, shops, an auction house, and so much more! (Please keep in mind we are still working

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
VortexMIC Minecraft Server Icon

With Amazon AWS launching in Cape Town, we've set up multiple Minecraft Servers to provide players with very low latency and much smoother gameplay. We specialize in Sandbox Creative and Skyblock. Come check out all our features and future plans.

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Boruto Chosen Destiny | Epsilon Minecraft Server Icon
Boruto Chosen Destiny | Epsilon

Boruto epsilon is a server with over 700 active users its a very friendly community with its own modded minecraft server with a fully open world detailed naruto world built in the server. There is a bunch of fun original quests you can do and the sto

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Minecraft Grass Icon

EntityMC is a small community Minecraft server with Vanilla Survival, Creative, Hunger Games, Mob Arenas, and much much more! Join us today!

Fallen Crown Minecraft Server Icon
Fallen Crown
MysticEmpire Minecraft Server Icon
EzPvP KitPvP Minecraft Server Icon
EzPvP KitPvP

Enjoy the original KitPvP with an OG feeling and everyone can have a good time, this server has all the basics but the basics make the server feel refreshing without all the complicated plugins and with just the original kitpvp feeling which is refre

PvP MC Factions Minecraft Server Icon
PvP MC Factions

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Minecraft faction server with the IP: pvp-mc.com. We have a lot of amazing features and additions to offer, making it one of the most unique Minecraft servers out there! Server IP: pvp-mc.com Ser

Minecraft Grass Icon
The Astronauts

Cross-Platform Server! Compatible with Java and Bedrock versions! Bedrock users make sure to change port to **25565** You can use older versions and still join the server. MULTIPLE WORLDS TO EXPLORE including a default survival world, zombie s

Minecraft Grass Icon
Alone Mc

Welcome to Alone Mc, a unique Minecraft server in India. Dive into the LifeSteal gamemode, where every move matters. Join a community of strategic players on this thrilling adventure. Survive, strategize, and conquer in this dynamic gaming node. Are

Players: 0 / 69
Version: Maintenance