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Welcome to Minestatus, the best Minecraft servers list!

Minestatus is a list of the top Minecraft servers currently available to play. We provide great tools to help you find the server that is just right for you. We also provide you the ability to show your support by voting for your favorite servers. Servers are ranked based on uptime, age, and votes made by their players. Happy Minecrafting!

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Minecraft Servers List


Trapped Miner

Our plugin list includes some of the more popular ones like MCMMO, GriefPrevention (claim your own land!), Economy System, Buy/Sell through showcases, Casino, Spout client support, Multiple worlds,...
0 94.70%
0 N/A
257 [100 Slot, TS3, RootServer] [100 Slot, TS3, RootServer]

IP: TSĀ³: Web: Map: Du suchst einen deutschen Minecraft-Server mit einer tollen Community? Du bist es Leid, dauernd d...
26 99.08%
54 BungeeCord 1.8
BeastsMC Creative [WorldEdit] [115x115 Plots/Freebuild]

BeastsMC Creative [WorldEdit] [115x115 Plots/Freebuild]

Site: IP: Vote for free worldedit, join and build with Creative straight away! Plots optional! BeastsMC Creative is a simple approach to creative Minecraf...
28 97.13%
60 BungeeCord 1.8

Iron Raptor

Iron Raptor is a proxy server cluster. No longer are we just survival but PVP, anarchy, creative, and several other types. We are constantly adding and reworking servers to better fit specific role...
0 98.73%
0 Spigot 1.7.10


Defenestration is a small server catering to casual, mature players who want a stable environment for long-term individual or collaborative projects. We aim to be a publishing house and display are...
0 98.10%
0 CraftBukkit 1.7.9

5 97.86%
0 Spigot 1.8


Pwegoserver is a fun creative server with a huge community rewarding good builders. The starting city is protected, along with a few reserved locations. We are online 24 hours a day, 7 days a wee...
0 93.33%
0 N/A


0 98.76%
95 Spigot 1.8

Uber Minecraft

999 Slots, PvP, PvE, Grief Module, Region Protection, Chest Shop, Chest Protection, Epic World, 24/7, Dedicated Server, Custom Plugins, Always Updating, Daily Backups, Rewards and more,
1,803 98.29%
43 BungeeCord 1.8


Thematic world building server.
0 94.10%
0 N/A
EcoCityCraft #1 Minecraft Economy Server

EcoCityCraft #1 Minecraft Economy Server

EcoCityCraft - #1 Top Minecraft Economy Server *Connect to IP:* Use /wild land and /kit starter - Good Luck! EcoCityCraft - #1 ...
126 98.22%
1 BungeeCord 1.8


Come join us on our PvP server were anything goes when your in the wild. We have actively playing admins that are on almost every night. Protected Spawn and City that helps you get started fast. Th...
0 91.89%
0 N/A


Noobstown For all the latest news and updates: Noobstown is a massive online town based multiplayer server with a mature community. Families are great to see and we love them o...
28 96.10%
0 Spigot 1.8.6
269 - Cracked | Survival | iConomy | PVP - Cracked | Survival | iConomy | PVP

If you're looking for a server where you can play Minecraft the way it was meant to be played (with some awesome extra features) this is the server for you. We are a legit SMP server - there ar...
0 94.82%
0 N/A
Qrid! [Custom!] [Public!] [24/7]

Qrid! [Custom!] [Public!] [24/7]
4 87.93%
9 Spigot 1.8