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Logo Name Server Details
KingdomOfAvalor Minecraft Server Icon

The Kingdom of Avalor has been a long time in the workings. There are multiple large builds already on the map, like Minis Tirith by Divici on planet minecraft. There is also the Kingdom it's self that was built by myself. These do not take away from

Players: 1 / 20
Version: Velocity 1.7.2-1.19.2
Athios Minecraft Server Icon

Unique gamemode SEARCH AND DESTROY 2 Teams! 1.8 PVP Loads of kits to choose! Unique maps! Achievements, cosmetics, and more!

Players: 0 / 250
Version: 1.18.1
Dragonfly Minecraft Server Icon

Dragonfly was created in 2015 with the goal of making a server that you could simply have fun on, relax, play alone or with friends, and is a family friendly small server community. It is still managed that way and also still by the original owner.

Players: 0 / 48
Version: Paper 1.19.2
Cherub MC Minecraft Server Icon
Cherub MC

A diverse multiplayer server including your favourite gamemodes such as Parkour, KitPvP and SMP. We have built an active and friendly community that you can be a part of so be sure to join today! We are constantly updating so be sure to leave any sug

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Minecraft Grass Icon

CherryMC is a factions server with magic, a great community and 24/7 uptime.

Players: 0 / 0
Version: Offline
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS Minecraft Server Icon
Advancius Network 🌟FREE RANKS

Discord: discord.advancius.net Tired of pay-to-win servers that get boring after 30 minutes? Check out Advancius Network! We offer a 100 free rank and prestige system designed to reward skill and hard work that is integrated into a wide variety

Farland 1.0 (Open Beta) Minecraft Server Icon
Farland 1.0 (Open Beta)

Farland is a medieval fantasy nautical server with the potential for steampunk flare. Sail the seas, explore the dungeons, trade in the towns, and with a fully functional cannon and firearm arsenal you can plunder to your heart’s desires. Avast me he

Players: 0 / 48
Version: Purpur 1.16.5
Grand Central Minecraft Server Icon
Grand Central

Grand central is mainly a survival experience minecraft server With skyships, custom currency, pets and more planning to be added in the coming weeks. Grand Central also offers a Unique teaming experience known as “Houses” which are displayed over ra

Players: 0 / 70
Version: Paper 1.19
DisPlaced SMP Minecraft Server Icon
DisPlaced SMP

Hello everyone I am Hosting a Cracked Public SMP named DisPlaced SMP. It is an economy Based SMP (Somewhat Vanilla SMP) You can PvP, Watch Others PvP in the PvP Theater. Earn Money from Money Making Mines, have adventures with your Friends. IP:-Disp

Players: 0 / 0
Version: ● Offline
MysticEmpire Minecraft Server Icon
Players: 0 / 100
Version: Waterfall 1.8.x, 1.9.x, 1.10.x, 1.11.x, 1.12.