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04/24/2014 08:50:33 AM PDT
Creators of eXtreme Nightmares

[LogBlock] [WorldGuard] [WorldEdit] [ColorPortals] [MultiVerse] [LWC] plus others to.

={cXn}= New and improved server, Simplified to make life more enjoyable, now implementing BUYCRAFT which will allow you to purchase in game items with real world money, Such as a DIAMOND KIT or CONTRIBUTOR status.

main world + nether + the end, all protected by logblock.

Please come along and join us, and help us expand the community this is our key goal, a community of fun and gaming, check out the web site .

http://cxnteam.info:8123 for our dynmap.

join our teamspeak, IP#: No Password

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  • Avatar ExodiusTSD
    April 3, 2012 at 1:35pm

    An Absolutely Amazing server. Recently moved onto a dedicated machine, so it's running great, with almost no lag or downtime. Bukkit-powered, with a bunch of really great plugins, and always up-to-date. 5 worlds, sometimes more, and Anti-greifing measures mean you can build in a safe, peaceful environment. And the Moderators and Admins are on every day, almost around the clock, ready to lend a hand. Easily my Favorite server.