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TheDC Network

Server IP: mc.thedc-network.com
Website: http://www.drugcraft.net/

The DC Network is a new network of the latest and greatest servers!
We currently have the following servers
Drugcraft is a server where you need to grow and plant drugs and try and avoid the cops and other druggies. Your amy is
grow your own army. No pun intended.
Prison is a server where you need to mine make money and finally escape! Remember you are in a prison and there are other
dangerous people in there!
KitPVP is a fun and enjoyable place to type /kit pick your class and go jump in on some good old PVP! Don't worry though,
you don't lose anything if you die!

All are servers have great friendly players and you will be welcomed as soon as you join! So come give us a try ;D

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  • Avatar dragonslayer6024
    April 10 at 4:08pm

    It said pretending to be 1.7.7

  • Avatar TeamExiled
    February 26 at 3:36am

    Bad server in my opinon

  • Avatar AnonymousRealityCheck
    February 14 at 9:36pm

    It's a fun server until the Mods decide they're better than every single person on the planet. They are rude to you and believe acting like they're acting is punishable by death. I would like to know the actual website for Drug Craft or the e-mail of the owner so that I can make a formal complaint. If the Mods are going to be assholes why can't we be assholes? It's only fair that they either set an example for everyone or not get anal about someone saying "Hi" at the wrong milisecond. They should make a wall of rules that eeryone can see at spawn that includes the punishments for not following those rules. There should also be a book that you start with when you spawn that has all the rules and requirements such as the requirement that you have a Skype and need to give it out in case someone accuses you of hacking. I oppose to that particular requirement because Skype is personal information and they expect you to give it out over the internet to a person you have never met. The rule stating that you cannot "disrespect" the Mods should be removed because they frequently treat you like trash - like every single other person on the server can - and you cannot say anything back to them. I have been harassed by some of the Mods in the past and I do not wish to be disrespected by someone who can so easily break their own rules and make you feel like crap. I just got banned for 5 hours for saying "some of the mods are assholes" when they were kicking me repeatedly for no reason. When I came back into the game after being kicked the first time I was immediatey greeted with rude and hurtful comments from SK1LL_H34V3N, one of the moderators. My questions for the Mods are typically ignored, for what reason I do not know, while everyone else's questions get answered on the spot. I realize this isn't really a comment at ths point, but I believe it should be posted as a comment.

  • Avatar Superckl:)
    June 20, 2012 at 8:48pm

    Amazing Server. I love the community. All the staff are very active. Overall this server is one of the best I have played on. I recommend everybody to try this server! If the community can't keep you entertained, the drugs will!