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Noble Craft

Noble Craft

Welcome to the Noble Craft Network!

We consist of multiple servers centred around our Hub server to which you can go to any freely without the need to logout!

The gametypes we currently offer to the public are:
Survival: Like to play your standard vanilla Minecraft? Then this is the server for you! The moment you enter the Build World, you're free to live wherever you like! We offer self land protection to prevent any form of grief on your land!Choose the life of going mining, chopping trees or building with joinable jobs! From there, you can make your living and even purchase items from the market! If you don't like that, take part in the player auction house! Players are constantly auctioning items & blocks that could prove worthy! If you don't fancy that, take part in the lottery! There is always a big jackpot up for grabs!

Skyblock: Using Skyblock 2.0 as your island, you are faced with the difficult task of living on a small platform in the sky with your chest, tree and very few grass blocks at your feet. Build your island up, earn money from playing and maybe you could afford that extra grass block that you needed because you destroyed your only ones! If not, take part in the auctions from other players! Play with friends, add them to your island and thrive!

Creative: With 50x50 plots to build anything beyond your wildest dreams! Add your friends and build together with all of the items in the game! Donating will even give you access to the use of World Edit in your plot, and also a brand new world with 100x100 plots to do even more amazing things into! Earn money by playing and rank up to be able to claim more plots!

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      • Avatar ZoruaLeaf
        March 15, 2013 at 12:23pm

        EPIC server! name: ZoruaLeaf
        i love it it so organized and not too laggy! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Avatar undeadepicface123
        December 21, 2012 at 11:21pm

        trollin every one

      • Avatar raxorninja
        May 19, 2012 at 1:56pm

        hey its mdc2001 just saying 4 all the good times ive had i miss u guys