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tommytony's Warhub

tommytony's Warhub

tommytony's Warhub
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Home of the §cWar§r plugin
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07/07/2015 05:00:33 PM PDT
Official website of the War plugin for Bukkit

The Warhub

tommytony's official War server @

War is the original PVP arena Bukkit plugin: it adds TDM and CTF arenas for a more focused Minecraft PVP experience. Warhub is the server home of War and we've been online since early 2011 (old school!). Everyone is welcome to visit and try out the warzones we created for your enjoyment.

Check out our server forums at

Please refer to for War download links, instructions, videos and more.

Besides War, our players enjoy the freedom of creative gameplay, a friendly atmosphere and automated ranking that rewards dutiful regulars.

Bring your friends over for some quick-and-dirty PVP action, stop by to try the War plugin commands and mechanics before installing it on your own server or just come and visit us for a bit of fun on our free-build world. There's a little something for everyone!

Thank you for your interest,